Tamasha Movie Story

Imtiaz Ali, director of the movie Tamasha is known for presenting simple and sweet stories. However, one of the most complex stories has been offered by the director with the movie Tamasha. In the core of the movies lie never ending robotic actions of daily chores.

People have forgotten themselves completely in the hustle and bustle of corporate life. Through the protagonist of the movie Ved, robotic actions are portrayed perfectly as he wakes up, brushes his teeth and goes to the office in the same manner. He has been meeting people with the same greetings every day. The story certainly is connected with the modern existence. However, it is quite hard to tell if the story manages to communicate protagonist’s pain to the audience or not. So, let’s look at the Tamasha movie story.

The Story

Like other movie stories of Imitiaz Ali, a boy and girl meet to fall in love. However, they fail to realize in time. In this story, society has played an important role by creating barrier between two main characters. However, prime flaw is seen with in the character Ved played by Ranbir Kapoor as he falls prey to the norm of society in spite of being a free spirit underneath.

Based on the norms of the society, average Ved follows a life that is prescribed to him. The character is completely caught in the routine and decorum. The movie is considered as a journey of Ved from routine life to the free spirited years of childhood. During childhood, the character is completely engrossed by stories and imaginary world. The character lost the perspective of his real self in order to follow the convention.


From the childhood, Ved is hearing stories from different sources and expressing himself by enacting these stories. The character wants to make people happy around him. In order to please others, he often sacrifices his happiness. Through three stages of Ved’s life, story has reached to its end. In the beginning, you can see nine year boy. Later on, the character portrays an adolescent of 19 years and a professional of 30 years.

On the other side, the character Tara Maheswari played beautiful Deepika Padukone is modern day girl who is not afraid to express herself.

The story in details

Main theme of the story is that everyone has something special in them. Therefore, special qualities must not be ignored in order to adjust with the society. Everyone must be given a chance to follow dreams.

Both Tara and Ved meet in Corsica. Tara helps the character Ved to go back in to world of stories once again and enjoy life completely. It is not possible for Ved to be a part of a rat race and gain success. The character Ved goes through a journey in order to discover him.

From the city of Shimla, journey starts for Ved. He often steals money in order to hear stories. In the childhood, he has heard lots of stories of Ramayana, Laila Majnu, Aladin, Romeo Juliet and Helen of Troy. The core of each story is same.

Therefore, Ved likes to create different story with Tara. Both of them tells lie about themselves in due course. They decide to never meet again. However, they contact each other. Love for Tara has enabled Ved to break free the shackles of society and become story teller.